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A year ago we launched TheArtCouch Belgium, with a simple aim: offering a platform to make art in all its diversity accessible to a large audience. Belgian newspapers have a minimal attention to art –or only to the well-known artists, while the specialised press is covering art in a complex, often boring way.

The ArtCouch’s position was simple: cover the space inbetween these two extremes. Talk with passion about art, but in an accessible, comprehensible way, and by doing so attract a larger audience to appreciate art.

One year after its launch, we can say with proud that this mission is accomplished. At the start we projected to reach 1000 follower by the end of 2016. We now achieved the quadruple of this. But even better: with 6,000 readers in December TheArtCouch is now undoubtedly the biggest platform for Dutch-speaking art lovers in Belgium…


Future development

This is only a start. In recent days we have worked on an international version of TheArtCouch, focussing solely on Belgian contemporary artists. Belgium has a long tradition of innovative, high quality artists. Even now, a Borremans, Tuymans, De Bruyckere or Fabre, to name just a few, belong to the top of the international art scene. But the hundreds of artists who do not yet have that international exposure, are certainly worth exploring. This is exactly the purpose of this website. You can check it out on

Plenty of other ideas emerge as we think about the future of TheArtCouch. Stay tuned for more! But in the meantime, we wish to thank all the readers and followers of TheArtCouch Belgium. By showing interest in art, they prove that despite the dangers and uncertainties surrounding us, beauty and curiosity are still values that matter. After all, as Gerhard Richter once said, “Art is the highest form of hope”.

Wishing you a 2017 full of hope, and exciting discoveries…

Author: Frederic De Meyer

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